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Gorilla Gym has been involved in fitness for over a decade providing personal trainers for sporting events to competing in endurance races ourselves!

Personal Trainer Edinburgh

About Gorilla GymAll of our personal trainers come from many different backgrounds with plenty of experience under their belts so we know how to deliver fitness sessions that you will actually enjoy. We understand that people are often self-conscious when training so we take you out of the gym and train with you in the great outdoors. From running marathons all over the UK and Ireland to competing in Tough Mudder our personal trainers live and breath everything they teach so there's no one better to learn from.

Rigorous fitness training teaches you something books and other personal trainers can’t, it gives you a self-belief and pride in yourself that wasn’t there before you started. With Gorilla Gym you will be teamed with a personal trainer who will work with you to put together a dedicated program of fitness designed specifically for you.

The training won’t be overly difficult to begin with and it shouldn’t be. Until we get an idea of where your level is, we’re going to train gently, informatively and with fun. Exercise is not a job; it’s a privilege and one that releases those endorphins you keep hearing about. Once we have our insight into yourself and what you exercise goals are, we will plan your training and implement it, but still with a smile and always with fun. So break free of the gym, and get a personal trainer in Edinburgh that will help you achieve your fitness goals without the monotony of the gym. Call us today to discuss your needs with one of our Edinburgh based personal trainers today!

Ready to Race

Train with an athlete that has completed a variety of races. You know you are in safe hands as our personal trainers have real world running experience.

From three-peak challenges to marathons you get to train in Edinburgh with real fitness experts who know what they're talking about. We also like to put some teams together to enter races but lets take it one step at a time and give us a call today to arrange your first consultation.

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