Intensive Personal Training

Obtain the body you've always wanted with help from Gorilla Gym. Call us in Edinburgh,
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Personal Trainer Edinburgh

Personalised Training

Using a trainer personally is to use their knowledge and experience of fitness to improve your own - that’s all!

Fitness Testimonial

We all started somewhere. None of us were born to work in an office, eat refined sugars and become the overweight population of today. We were hunter gatherers, running for our food, constantly on the move. Gorilla Gym aims to bring some of that lifestyle and dietary change back into your life. We will get you moving, running and sprinting. We will also ensure the dynamics elements such as lifting, throwing, crawling and jumping are in your sessions which can make a world of difference physiologically.

We’ve trained people for a wide variety of sports, endurance events and even obstacle races which are so popular just now. Luckily in Edinburgh we have some decent terrain, like Arthur’s seat for hill sprints; similarly we have Blackford Hill at Craigmillar Observatory for hill work too or simply just for some cross country running. We have Inverleith Park with its built-in assault course and expansive area for tyre throwing and sandbag drags. We have plenty of safe footpaths, pavements and parks to use as well as areas to train in if you don’t wish to exercise at home. I use the Gorilla Den in Longstone for many clients, which has an array of equipment for you, or we can come directly to your door.

Your personal trainer will learn the intricate details of your needs. For some, losing weight really means losing bodyfat. This seems to be a fashionable goal these days and it's one that is easily achieved. Losing bodyfat is really about calculating calories (Kcals) in over Kcals burned through our resting metabolic rate and energy expenditure (through movement). So, based on the fact that our body burns fat as a fuel after sugar; to lose bodyfat we must create a negative imbalance on the Kcals- or burn off more than we put in. The reverse is true for those of us that want to gain weight; we must eat more than we burn off. This is especially important for those seeking to gain muscle as growing muscles (hypertrophy) need extra Kcals.

For those people with a particular sport, your personal trainer will put your sport into focus and identify ways to help you improve the physical aspects of it. Is it a faster serve in Tennis or hit the ball further in Golf? Be faster on the football pitch or even to run your first 5km, 10k and beyond? For all of these, let’s just breakdown your technique firstly then look at adaptations to help you improve them for the better. Biomechanics has a large part to play and even though I’m not a PGA Golf Professional or ATP Tennis Professional, we can isolate muscles groups that work in synergy to allow you to play. This way we can train those targeted muscle groups together or individually and hopefully allow you to perform better. The only thing you have to do afterwards is practice correctly, after all exercising for your sport is one thing but you must train the technique too and that’s on you.

Discover a personal training service that is tailored to your wants and needs. We train with you in locations that meet your requirements so that we fit into your lifestyle and timetable: this could be your home, a park, or even a suitable workplace. Our services are tailored when you want to:

Tailored Service

Our services are tailored when you want to:

  • Train for Sport
  • Train for Events (Obstacle Races, The Marathon or Triathlon)
  • Improve Nutritional Habits
  • Lose Bodyfat
  • Gain or Maintain Muscle Mass
  • Increase Range of Motion (Mobility, Flexibility)

Fun Sessions

We'll be training in Edinburgh, which is a fantastic place to exercise. A session lasts between 45 to 60 minutes and is performed indoors or outside. I'll help you with various training methods that include:
  • Circuit Style Workouts
  • HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
  • Specialist Winter Training (Night-Time Fun)
  • Endurance
  • Intervals/Speed Work

Sports Training

Take your sportsmanship up a notch with my training. We'll train together in a suitable location for your programme. I'll tailor the programme to help you achieve better results in:
  • Races
  • Marathons
  • Triathlons
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Rugby
  • Half Marathons
  • Duathlons

Gorilla Method

Discover new levels of motivation with my help. Getting fit or pushing yourself can be gruelling, but we’ll push through those barriers together. For the best results, the methods we’ll work on include:

  • Weight training
  • Being fit isn't purely about losing weight, it's about having functional muscle and increasing muscle efficiency.

  • Cardiovascular sessions
  • Walking, jogging, running, sprinting, cycling, crawling, bodyweight exercises, and just about anything else to get your heart rate up and burning those calories.

  • Nutritional info
  • Roughly 80% of your goal can be reached by your diet alone. Combine this with exercise, and you’re on the right path.

Gorilla Packages

Book a package that best suits your lifestyle. Each session focuses on your personal development; the more training you do, the better results you’ll see. Prices are for sessions are as follows:

  • One session: £35
  • 4 sessions: £130
  • 8 sessions: £240
  • 12 sessions: £330